Sunday, 11 October 2009

CGsociety XXIV "SECRET AGENT" Challenge, Best Character Award!!!

The challenge results are out and i could not be more happy!!!
My entry "Goldie Locks And The Three Bears" won the best character category!!!
I'm so honored because there were tons of awesome works out there,
and this being my first CG challenge i never thought i could find my self among the winner circle.

If you are interested you can see complete winners page here Link



  1. Vanja,

    Congratulations again for your award!

    Many thanks for the banner, i´ll use it for sure.
    nice badge ;)

  2. Great work!, well done in a huge field.

    - Paul Hellard

  3. thank you gon!
    and you are welcome, thx for using it :)

    Mr Hellard nice of you to drop by,
    i didn't now i could find you in this part of the online universe :P

    thank you!

  4. hey man, congratz here.
    LOL...Love the banner..XD