Saturday, 13 February 2010

CGhub Creature Planets #4 : Snarf Re-Design

I did this one for CGhub Creature Planet drawing jam, led by Mike Corriero.
It was a re-design assignment, and the theme was 80's cartoon character SNARF from the cartoon "Thunder Cats".
It took me about two hours to finish it, pen sketch and paint over in Photoshop.
If you want, you can see other works on the same subject here Link



  1. really cool!!
    i loved this serie Thundercats, i will reconsiderer to sculp some character in Zbrush
    visit my blog staff
    hope you like it

  2. Ah, I need to get back into these CGhub Challenges...great blog Vanja.

  3. thank you very much!

    hope to see you soon on some of the challenges Jorge, i would love to see you at work :)