Friday, 9 April 2010

2D Artist Magazine

I just finished doing an interview for the 2D Artist Magazine, and you can find it in the latest April 2010 issue.
It was so much fun, and i would like to thank Simon for being such a great host, and Chris for having patience for my nitpicking while arranging the interview :)

If you are interested you can see the rest of the magazine here Link



  1. This could be a greatest moment to an artist, do some interview or just but your jobs on it. Someday i´ll have my moment.

    Nice jobs, i like the lines that you make to the Skeletore, i growing up to whatching all of the day Masters of Universe.

  2. thank you very much Gustavo!!! :):):)
    and same here, while i was a kid MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE ruled all :)

  3. cestitam ti i zelim puno srece i inspiracije!

    pogledaj me na