Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Serbian Mythology - Banished Demons

These are the illustrations i did for the second tome of Serbian Mythology, ”Banished Demons”.
It has been a great experience and even greater privilege to work on a such a cool project with so many talented people.
The super talented artist that also did the illustrations for the book are Milos Vujanovic, Ivica Stevanovic, Dragan Bibin, and one of my biggest role models while growing up, Master Petar Meseldzija.
Milenko Bodirogic is the brilliant writer and the editor of the book, but mostly the person that made sure this project saw the light of day.

Mora (Nightmare)

Babice (Midwives)


These are the rest of the illustrations. They only look complete when they are presented with text, so if you think they look empty or unfinished that's the reason :)



  1. Wow! Brutalno dobro, kao i uvek! Pozdrav!

  2. Strasno dobro nacrtano! svaka cast!

    Pogledajte i moje ilustracije na

  3. Ilustracije su suludo dobre! Gde moze da se nadje gore navedena knjiga?

  4. Thx a lot guys :):):)

    @Anonymous knjiga je trenutno u stampi, ali ce moci da se kupi na velikom Oktobarskom sajmu knjiga u Beogradu.

  5. Izvinjavam se ako sam malo dosadan, ali samo jos jedno pitanje - ko ce biti izdavac? Da znam gde da trazim. :))

  6. hehe, nikako :)

    izdavacka kuca "Orfelin" Locirani u NS-u u Kosovskoj ulici. evo emaila izdavacha, Milenka Bodirogica:

  7. Man i like it! Impressed style. U characters very individual. Awesome colors Vanja))

  8. thank you so much my friend, so glad you like it!!! :)

  9. Well, well, it was easier before looking at them several times, but I will stay with my first option Talason, I like houses and buildings and seems he likes it too. Also he looks nicer in the potrait you made him than Babice or Mora. Babice is too scary, too bad for me. Seeing you working with white background is novelty for me. The four pieces looks very good. Even without the text. Could you tell me where is the book going to be published? I would like to see more about this book.

  10. hey Raul,
    so glad you like it man, talason is my favorite too :)
    the book is going to be published only in serbia for now, but english edition is being planned.
    as soon as i know some more details about english version, i will give you a buzz immediately :)

    thx for the attention!

  11. hey amazing work! just discovered your stuff and got instantly jealous ;-)

  12. Congratz for the Award, very well deserved ;)

  13. thx guys!:)

    hey Serge, glad you dropped by man! :)

  14. @predrag: thank you for this very weird compliment, it means a lot to me! :)

  15. Just stumbled upon your blog and I love it. I'll be following!

  16. @hajime, Craig Collins, Vladislav Pantic: thank you so much for the support you guys, it is much appreciated :)

  17. Vanja my friend great sequence of illustrations!
    lovin your design. Also congrats for the Award:)
    Best wishes and see you soon:D

  18. hey man, thank you so much for drooping by, i very glad you like them :)

    hope i'll get to see you soon too :)

  19. Ej kralju svaka ti cast, ovo je predobro. Pronasao sam gore u komentarima adresu izdavaca i definitivno cu kupiti knjigu.

    Samo napred.

  20. thx man, i'm very glad you like ti, and thanks for supporting our project :)

  21. Greetings from Bulgaria!

    Very nice work, I like mythology and it was quite interesting for me to see your pictures. If I may ask, is the book Serbian Mythology serbian-only or it is in English, so that more people can understand it?

  22. hey there,

    thank you so much :)
    this year the thrilogy serbian mithology fill be finished and then translation to english will take place for sure.

    stay tuned, the moment that happens i will post it on my blog.