Friday, 21 October 2011

Serbian Mythology - Rebels

These are some of the illustrations i did for the third and final tome of the Serbian Mythology trilogy, called "Rebels - Witches and Vampires".
Once again it was a pleasure to work with a team of super talented artists Ivica Stevanovic, Dragan Bibin, Milos Vujanovic and my very dear friend Dusko Bjeljac.
Milenko Bodirogic is once again responsible for the the beautiful stories and descriptions of the creatures that are included in the book.
It has really been a awesome experience working on the two books of Serbian Mythology, and i really hope you guys like it.

Arch Vampire

Trivun Kalaba riding his Black Steed

"When dark night covered the earth, the village and its inhabitants retired to their houses, Trivun saddled up his stallion. Christmas was coming, and under that little piece of moonlight was a bluish crisp snow shinning. Kalaba was riding slowly, he bridled up the stallion as if afraid of hurting the silence and serenity of the night.
He visited the crossroads, cemeteries, entered the forest, but soon forgetting why he was doing it. He followed the flight of the owls, listened to howling of wolves, and foxes barking in love …"

Lela in the River

Lela and the Fox

''Lela was seven years old, certainly not more, when that fox appeared. Beautiful, fawn and gold, and proud as it wasn't out of this world, it was like it came from a quiet, autumn like, fox kingdom.
It rolled up around Lela, almost hiding her with the raised tail and it barked briefly, pointedly, as if laughing. Lela hugged the fox and crawled her fingers under the red fur and she barked also ... ''


  1. I´m very interested in the story of Lela, do you know where I can read more?

    Also I´d love to own these books in english, do you know if they will be translated?

  2. Sjajne stvari...fenomenalne ...kapa dolje :D

  3. А гдје нађе име за овог јахача :) Нимало не личи на мене, а носи моје име, па чак и презиме. Молим цијењену ауторку да ми појасни како је дошла до тих података. Иначе рад је фантастичан, нисам стручан да дам било какав кометар, али ми се свиђа све ово што радиш.