Thursday, 21 March 2013

Serbian Fairytales - The Golden Fleece Ram

Another illustration i did for the "Serbian Fairytales" book.
The story is about a young man who's father was killed by a legendary Golden Fleece Ram.
The moment he was old enough young man took his father's riffle and went out to seek revenge for
his father's death.
When he killed the ram, the golden fleece, that he took as a trophy, turned out to be more trouble than the young man could ever expect.

Hope you guys like it.

The Golden Fleece Ram



  1. I really love fairy tale books, especially when they're ones from countries that aren't know worldwide for their fairy tales. Any idea when the book's coming out?

    1. Hey Blanca,

      the book is out, but unfortunately there is still no English version.
      if you want i can give you a buzz when it gets translated?

      thx for the support :)

  2. Fantastic work on your blog! Great sense of plastic!!!